Professional engineering
components manufacturer



  • Machining Factory
    The machining factory is specialized in machining various metal components , and is equipped with 25 NC lathes and 5 CNC milling machines, and kinds of drilling machines , common lathes etc.
  • MachiningFactory
    Forging Factory
    Close die forging weight from 0.5 Kg to 20 kg; annual capacity about 5000 tons;Open die forging weight up to 40 tons each; Rolled ring forging size from 300 mm to 7000mm; annual capacity about 10000 tons
  • Forging Factory
    Investment casting
    90% products are exported to USA, Japan, Belgium, France, German etc.casting weight is from 0.01 Kg to 2.0 Kg; annual capacity is about 1500 tons
  • Investment Casting
    Lost wax casting
    80% products are exported to USA , Germany, Italy etc. casting weight can be from 0.05 Kg to 250 Kg; annual capacity about 8000 tons